FiveStar PJ Co., Ltd. is Korea's leading restaurant brand with its 27 years of tradition in Korean food.

국내 최초 이자카야 '쇼부' 체인의 창시자이며 일본사케를 국내에 와인처럼 대중화시킨 장본인 (주)파이브스타피제이 박윤상 대표는 노바다야끼에 일본선술집 '이자카야' 컨셉을 적용한 '쇼부'를 2001년 한남동에 오픈. 전통일식, 자체 개발 메뉴 등으로 당시 세계적 트렌드인 정통일식의 한국화를 선도했습니다.

In particular, CEO Park Yoon-sang had collaborated with the traditional Japanese Sake company 'Shobusake', located in Kobe, Japan, and launched 'Shobusake' in the Korean market. 'Shobusake' has not only just contributed to the popularization of the Japanese Sake in Korea, but also helped 'Shobu' became one of the most famous global franchise brands in LA, Beijing, and Vietnam.

There are other successful franchise restaurant brand of FiveStar PJ Co., Ltd. such as 'Ramen Mantang', 'JonsonBudaejjigae', 'Mr. China' and many others.
Based on its 27 years of the know-how of restaurant management, FiveStar PJ Co., Ltd. currently runs 'JejuRestaurant', 'Hannam-dong Amso Galbi(Hannam Branch, Cheongdam Branch)', 'Naju-jip', 'Naju-ok', 'Soho Yakitori' in around Daesagwan-ro, Hannam-dong near Suncheonhyang Hospital.

As the 'green company' leading the culture of wholesome food, FiveStar PJ Co., Ltd. named the street of Daesagwan-ro as 'Park Yoon-sang Street' and proceed the 'Healing Green Road' project.
In 2007, Park Yoon-sang, the CEO of FiveStar PJ Co., Ltd. won the award of 'Ministry of SMEs and Startups'.

CEO of FiveStar PJ Co., Ltd., Park Yoon-sang